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Dental Landing Pages.

Revamping your landing pages will 3x your conversions.

Does this sound Familiar?

Setup Ad Campaign

Spend hours or pay hundreds of pounds to an agency to create your online ads on Google Adwords or social media.

Spend Thousands

The Campaign brings enough results to keep the campaign running - but it's not an impressive return at all.

Waste 71% Of Traffic

Why? On average, 71% of your visitors are leaving in less than 10 second because your landing page isn't following a science.

What is a
Landing Page?

What is a dental landing page? A dental landing page is the page you arrive on when you click an ad. It's a page designed with a very specific recipe to convert visitors at every stage of the sales funnel. It could be for an ad campaign, sales campaign or promotional offer. Landing pages are extremely important because they allow you to track what is working as well as what isn't .

dental landing pages

Increase your conversion rate by 7x from £599.

The Power Of
Dental Landing Pages

is the avg. conversion rate in 2022 cross all industries
Higher conversion rate than the global average statistics.
Of web visitors read on-page reviews. They're important.
Is the max load time before your conversion time halves.

A short term investment = long term return.

Investing in a dental landing page is like eating healthy. Eating junk food will still fuel you, but healthy eating will take you a whole lot further, faster - getting the best out of yourself every day.

Invisalign Campaigns

Teeth In A Day Campaigns

Cosmetic Campaigns

Promotional Whitening Ad

Google Adwords

Social Media Paid Ads

What others charge for as 'add-ons', we include as standard.

GDC, ICO, CQC and GDPR compliant Content

What's Included?

Live Chat Feature

Stylish Contact Sections

Enticing lab-work Portfolio

Google Analytics & Tracking

Full Security, Anti Spam Filters & SSL Security.

Lightening Fast Page Speeds

Guaranteed Google SEO Score Of 80

Advanced Conversion Tracking

What Makes A Perfect Dental Landing Page?

Trust-building information: The page should prominently display the dentist’s qualifications, experience, and certifications.

Clear and specific services offered: The page should clearly state the services offered by the dental practice, including preventative, restorative, and cosmetic procedures.

Patient-focused design: The page should have a design that is appealing and easy to navigate, with the patient’s needs and concerns in mind.

Testimonials and reviews: The page should showcase positive patient reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility.

Clear call to action: The page should have a prominent and compelling call to action, such as a button to book an appointment or request more information.

dental landing page

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